Miss Bobbie believes in the power of play. She has a way with creating fun adventures wherever she goes, and always provides top quality entertainment and learning for you.

She has been teaching popular community education classes and delighting campers at Camp Lotsafun at South Arkansas Community College for several years. She spends a lot of time working in ministry with kids and loves traveling to do kids crusades with her family.

As a non-traditional college student, she graduated at the top of her undergraduate class and while she’s working on graduate school, she’s bringing her fun, informative, imaginative knowledge to you.

She continues to “WOW!” adult and student learners with imaginative and original parties, ministry, community classes and after school programming. More than that, Miss Bobbie has learned the value to stretching her budget, discovered the benefits of removing chemical cleaning agents from her house, the delight of cooking from scratch for her family, the wonder of raising chickens naturally and a self-sustaining garden without pesticides. She’s ready to share these experiences with YOU!

Creating Fun Adventures where ever she goes, Miss Bobbie encourages all ages to engage their imagination and choose to make their lives, even the most mundane, a purposeful adventure…after all, “We only get to do this once!”